Vinyasa (adults)

Ask 10 different people what a Vinyasa class is like and you're likely to get 10 different answers.  Any given teacher is usually teaching you what resonates best with them in the practice.  In taking my Vinyasa class you'll hear a strong emphasis on connecting breath with movement, safe alignment and body awareness, plus a sampling of aspects of yoga that move beyond the poses (the poses are only 1 part of an 8 part system).  I also believe that you know your life and your body better than I do, so I strive of offer classes that allow students to space to make informed personal choices; I often say that I'm offering "invitations, not obligations."  I am also incredibly interested in making classes a welcoming place for all, so I'm constantly looking for ways to make my class more sensitive and inclusive to the needs of all people.  It's a process, but, as I am in my personal practice, one I'm deeply committed to...

I currently teach Vinyasa in corporate and private settings.  I also sub classes at Om Factory (Manhattan) & Third Root Community Center (Brooklyn); you can see my currently week's schedule here.

Aerial Yoga: Levels 1 & 2

For my Aerial Yoga classes I blend the flow of my Vinyasa style, alignment cues to keep your body safe and mind in the room, plus a sense flight and fun that the aerial hammock can afford us.   With the grounding of yoga, and the lightness of flight, I'm aiming to lead you through a practice that helps you find a little more balance in your body, mind, and breath plus lets you explore the practices of yoga from a lighter perspective.   

Level 1:  No prior experience necessary.  Come do what you can and look forward to what you'll be able to do with practice.

Level 2: Prior experience is a MUST.  You'll want to be able to
  --get in & out of wrist wraps without instruction
  --balance on the front of the hips
  --balance on the back of the hips/sacrum
  --have an assisted pull-up with clean form
  --be able to invert with the fabric at the sacrum without instruction (go upside down)

Aerial Yoga Mellow Flow: Aromatherapy

All of Om Factory’s Mellow Flow classes offer students a slower restorative style Aerial Yoga practice, where the aerial fabric is used closer to the ground. In my Aromatherapy Mellow Flow class you’ll also have an option to experience the benefits of essential oils as well as gentle hands-on adjustments.

Aromatherapy-- Have you ever noticed how a scent can shift your mood in an instant? The olfactory nerve (sense of smell) is special in how it connects directly to both the outside world and your brain; cultures around the world have found ways to use this powerful tool for ages. The Aromatherapy Mellow Flow class will give you the option to choose from scents that relax and revitalize the body and mind. If you aren’t feeling fragrance though, that’s always fine too.

Hands-on adjustments-- Anyone who has ever received massage, a well-timed hug, or a comforting hand has experienced the power of touch. Hands-on adjustments will be available to help you find deeper sensations of stretch, softness and serenity. All touch is voluntary though, so I am careful not to touch anyone without their consent.

Enjoy this beautiful class designed to fully relax and restore your body and mind.


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Baby Yoga Classes

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