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Sunday Morning Yoga, 505 W 37th St

Sundays at 10am*
In the downstairs lobby
TFC Residents Only

I teach a 1hr Vinyasa Yoga Class in the lobby of the most Sundays (see below for complete list of holidays). My classes designed to provide all students, new and experienced alike, with opportunities to learn new things about both themselves and the yoga practice. I combine creative sequencing, attention to alignment, and opportunities to explore awareness along with “challenging but caring” physicality.

*No Class on:
Apr 21 Sept 2 Dec 22
May 27 Dec 1 Dec 29


Suggested Supplies

There are just suggestions; you are still more than welcome to take class without them

  • Yoga MatHighly Suggested The marble floor in the lobby is both chilly and slippery

  • Blocks— I have a limited number of blocks for students to use, but my space at the building is limited, so I highly suggest you bring a couple to class with you.

  • Yoga Strap— Again, I have a limited number of these with me each class, but it’s a good idea to bring one

  • Yoga Blanket— can be useful if you have sensitive knees, as the floor in the lobby is marble


Dosha Quiz
I did not create the quiz in the link, and the questions it asks are not exhaustive, but they can give you an idea of where to start learning more about your predominant dosha(s). I am also not affiliated with the Chopra Center in any way.

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How to keep up my practice with the holiday hubub?

We talked a little bit about how it can be difficult to be diligent with class attendance during the holidays; sometimes you won’t make it to class and often classes are cancelled during the coming weeks.

As promised the image above is a “cheat sheet” of sorts to help you remember the Sun Salutation A & B sequences we cover in class Sun Nov 18th

Home practice

In the event that you find yourself in few group classes over the next few weeks, it doesn’t mean you can’t still practice yoga! The amazing thing about a home practice is you can tailor it to your needs regarding time, energy level, and movement. If you are at a loss for where to start, try combining a few rounds of the Sun Salutations above with a twist, hip opener, and a Savasana (it’s the the most important pose!). If making it onto a mat doesn’t work with your day, give yourself a little movement in a chair, or even in bed; if you are moving with awareness, there’s your yoga. Also remember, you can find a few moments to pay attention to your breath anywhere :)