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Photo Credit: Om Wari


I started practicing yoga whilst looking a better to maintain my body for my work as a modern dancer. Though I have not always as enthusiastic about yoga as I am currently, I found my real love when I began to study Vinyasa. The linking of breath with a flowing practice really hit home with me, so these are the two main anchors for both my personal practice and my teaching. I completed my Viinyasa 200hr certification in 2011 (Yoga to the People, NYC), and set forth on my teaching journey.

I decided to quit my full-time 9-5 in 2012 to pursue dance and yoga more fully; while unemployed I had more time to discover different styles of yoga, AcroYoga and Aerial Yoga being amongst those.  From 2012 to 2014, I lived and breathed teacher trainings (TTs), completing my Kid's Yoga TT (Alphabet Asana), my Aerial Mellow Flow TT (Om Factory), my Restorative Yoga TT (Mary Aranas), and my Aerial Yoga TT (Om Factory).  During this time I  was also slowly, but surely, expanding my AcroYoga practice and assisting various teachers (Adam Rinder, LInda Mittel, Mary Aranas).  This past December (2015) I finally took the plunge and completed my AcroYoga TT with AcroYoga Montréal (Yay!)

My adult classes center on linking breath and movement (however slow that movement may be), and on the importance of safe alignment, plus mindful progression with self-awareness.  My dancer's heart in body is also in love with flow and movement exploration, so get ready to feel the influences of Pilates, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, and whatever else I'm physically processing at the moment.  For my AcroYoga classes I strive focus on all of these things, plus fostering a sense of community with others.  My Kid's class focus on giving my students the foundation to be life-long lovers of yoga, via exposure to asana (poses),  breathwork as a tool for stress control, and structured creative play :)  For all of the styles I teach, I firmly believes in a “safety first” approach; when we take care of the body, it will take care of us!