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AcroYoga Playshop Series: With Charlie Berman & Maisah Hargett

  • Forza5 Holistic Fitness and Healing Center 26 Cannon Road Wilton, CT, 06897 United States (map)
Photo Credit: Om Wari (Left)

Photo Credit: Om Wari (Left)

Oct 22 Workshop: $45 by 10/15, $55 thereafter
Complete 3 Part Series:  $125 by 10/15, $150 thereafter

Click to HERE register Or call 203.247.4175

Join Charlie and Maisah for an all-levels exploration into AcroYoga, a delightful blend of yoga, acrobatics, and healing arts. AcroYoga invites you to make exciting discoveries, and working in partnerships and groups throughout this series will help us to support ourselves and each other as we play with our boundaries and realize our potential. Delving into the practice will help students to cultivate trust, playfulness, and community, and you will be encouraged to experience the wholeness of your being as you give and receive while practicing strength and sensitivity. All levels welcome, and we will practice in an atmosphere of acceptance, safety, and celebration. Students can register for one workshop or the whole series. Come on your own or with a partner.

About us:
Charlie Berman
     Teaching is one of Charlie’s main callings in life.  Her formal teaching experiences include waterskiing, swimming, art, elementary school, yoga, and AcroYoga.  Through teaching, she aims to help people to recognize their gifts and their true, unique beauty.
     Charlie feels a deep connection to the natural world, and this helps to inspire her yoga practice. She studied environmental science in college, and her passion for the environment and animals is part of what led her to live an organic lifestyle and eat a vegetarian diet. She enjoys eating (and juicing) wholesome foods and is always happy to share with others.
     Charlie’s life involves a constant contemplation and reflection on mind, body, and spirit, as well as how they interact. Her personal yoga philosophy applies to both her yoga practice and the way in which she incorporates it into life off of the mat. This includes connecting and aligning with something larger than the self, grounding and maintaining a sense of inner peace, speaking and acting from the heart and with a deep sense of awareness and mindfulness, living with intention, and finding balance in various forms, one of them being the balance between effort and ease. She aims to inspire mindfulness within her students and encourages them to keep an open mind and to make new discoveries throughout their practice.  She happily and eagerly provides modifications and assistance to make the teachings accessible to all students.  She also believes that yoga can help us to access, realize, and embody the greatest versions of ourselves, and her ultimate goal is for her students to feel successful and to feel better after their practice. In line with this goal of hers as a teacher, one of her main aims in life is to spread and share joy and to help others feel good.

Maisah Hargett (Me)
     I started practicing yoga whilst looking a better way to maintain my body for my work as a modern dancer. With AcroYoga, I discovered a way that yoga doesn’t have to be solitary & serious to be profound.
     My dancer's heart is in love with flow and movement exploration, so get ready to feel the influences of Pilates, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, and whatever else I'm physically processing at the moment.  For my AcroYoga classes I strive focus on all of these things, plus fostering a sense of community with others.  In addition to AcroYoga, I also teach Vinyasa (ERYT 200), Restorative, Aerial Yoga, Kid’s and Baby Yoga(RCYT)J For all of the styles I teach, I firmly believes in a “safety first” approach; when we take care of the body, it will take care of us! 


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